Feb 10

Star Kart

Star Wars & Mario Kart: With Our Powers Combined!


Feb 10

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos

This is beautiful. I can’t begin to describe how moving it is.



Feb 10

A BloodBorne Sword

Check the guys from Man at Arms as they make this incredible sword.


Feb 10

I’ve got some Ideas

Ok, as always is the case, I’m bounding with new Ideas. Some, are of course my random opinions on various subjects from news, religion, politics, and the best place to get Egg Drop Soup. Others are schemes to make enough money to BUY said Egg Drop Soup.

I’ve got a line of T-Shirts I want to produce, so keep an eye here and on my Facebook for announcements along those lines, hopefully soon.

I’ve got an app under development for a neat trick, nothing special but I should find a nice little audience. Again, keep your eyes open.

As always, there are the other, ongoing things. I remain resolute in posting to An Open Port on occasion. I know I’m not as steady as I once was, but I have not given up.

As some of you may know, I am also in the process of starting up my own PC Repair and Service business in Fulton, MS (my home town) [http://bc.anopenport.com]

And there is yet another, longer term project that, while exciting, is not at this moment, in the “mentionable” stage of things.

So worry not, dear reader. I will not disappoint. The road goes ever on and on. And I will take those steps.

Feb 01

Another Suicide Squad Parody

This time it’s The Lord Of the Rings that gets the send up.

My favorite lines:

Legolas “He was twitching.”
Gimli, “He was twitching because he’s got MY AXE embedded in his Nervous system!”


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