Jul 29

Batman and Suicide Squad Updates

Batman V SupermanThis write up on io9, they take a quick look at the expanded role Batman plays in the Suicide Squad movie coming out in 2016. It seems he is personally responsible for capturing each of the members of the team. There is at least one cameo of him during a flash back, in which they show him capturing Harley Quinn.

They also go into more detail about his relationship and characterization in Dawn of Justice. This time around, Bruce Wayne is in his 40s, and has been Batman for over 20 years. There has likely been a Robin, who is now dead, and no longer living in Wayne Manor.

This information comes from an Interview given to Empire Magazine by producer Zack Snyder. The interview also accompanies sever new stills of the film, showing off even more details of the characters.


Jul 27

A Bill Nye Documentary

Here are two clips for a Bill Nye Documentary being funded on KickStarter. The Science Guy’s life is being explored and documented by a team who are hoping to fund the project via the crowd funding site, so if you can share this as many times as possible, that would be great.

First up, Bill talks about his mother, a code breaker in WWII:

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Jul 26

VR Star Wars

A VR Oculus Star Wars Game teaser trailer


VR Star Wars via YouTube

Jul 25

A Leave of Absence

openPortLogoSquare250Here it is. I’ve worked on Open Port for nearly 2 years now, and played with the concept a bit longer. The blog has been a lot of fun, and I have enjoyed my time with it. But it has never really taken off the way I had hoped it would. I wasn’t really hoping to make my fortune on it, but i was hoping it would make enough money to break even.

Beyond the monetary aspect, I’ve felt recently like I’ve just been phoning in my articles, doing the minimum to get by. And of course you can tell by looking at the calendar that I’ve been posting on a much more “occasional” basis. I have found less interest in news that meets my criteria for the site, and have found myself spending less time digging on the internet for stories, much less working on original content. ¬†And of course the podcasts have gone the way of the dodo.

In light of all this, I’m going to take a leave of absence from the site for now. I want to be clear I am not shuttering Open Port, nor am I saying I will not update from time to time, but this site will no longer be my primary focus. I have begun a new project in a different area that may or may not go anywhere, but I feel for now that I should take time to focus on that undertaking.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me achieve all that I have with Open Port, and to thank those of you who faithfully read the site. If you follow us on Facebook, don’t unlike us because I may still post the occasional item, and if/when I return, I will announce it there. Also, if I make any headway in my new project (which will be quite some time down the road) I will post THAT on Open Port too, so stay tuned.

I feel a sadness in doing this, and I hope that I do not disappoint anyone too greatly, but it is for the best for me at this time.

Remember to live by my philosophy, “My Mind is An Open Port.”


Joshua Ballard

Jul 21

Looters Dilemma

This short video is set in the Elder Scrolls Universe, and takes a comedic look at the Looters Dilemma.


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