Mar 28

Terminator Genisys Trailer

This new Terminator Genisys Trailer features some scenes from previous teasers but there are a couple of new images here. Perhaps we are getting a look at a newer model Terminator at 0:26 and again at 0:43, as these seem to show some sort of hybrid between the living metal and more traditional Terminators, although they could just be the liquid guys in their natural state.

There are some pretty cheese ball moments, quotes from earlier movies and that. but it’s intended to be a fun romp so I’m sure we can get over that. Terminator Genisys hits theaters July 2015

<via – Geeks are Sexy>

Mar 28

Augmented Reality by Magic Leap

While this is PRE-Rendered, this is the tech that Google Funded and WETA partnered company Magic Leap is producing. It looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it out. This may just be a marketing video but Magic Leap is someone to watch.

<via- Magic Leap YouTube>

Mar 27

TIE Fighter Pilots Animation


YouTube user OtaKing77077 has animated an amazing story shot from the prospective of Imperial Tie Fighter Pilots. Rebel Forces have entered their part of a Galaxy far, far away, and these Imperials are more than ready to do something about it.

Get a PDF of the Background Information on the Imperial Tie Fighters Main Players HERE

TIE Fighter – short film – YouTube.

Mar 27

Be Sure to Wash Up

Clean hands save lives. Keep a healthy state of mind. Be sure to wash up.



clean hands save lives

Mar 26

The Right Direction

In life, I have encountered many obstacles. I’m not sure you can call them enemies, but like most of us, I’ve had things to overcome. This graphic helps me in thinking that maybe I have been going in the right direction.


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