Feb 26

Katarina’s Daggers

.The guys at the Man at Arms: Reforged tackle the swords and daggers form the character Katarina of League of Legends fame. Their attention to detail is, as always, flawless. Their process is fun to watch, and of course as always they test the results out at the end.

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Feb 26

Batman VS Superman, the Music Video

The Warp Zone Presents: An Injustice Music Video. Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better? Not make music videos, these guys beat me at that.


Feb 25

The Dark Rangers

This NSFW (Not Safe For Work) GrimDark future of the Power Rangers sets a hell of a pace. The action is nonstop, the setting is perfect and the cameos are worth watching alone. Staring James Van Der Beek and Katy Sackhoff as former Rangers, the ass kicking just keeps coming.

Feb 25

YouTube Kids

youtubekidslogoGoogle and YouTube have launched a new child and family friendly portal for videos called “YouTube Kids.” With a brighter and bigger interface, this app Android hopes to make YouTube a safer and easier to use place for kids.

Not only does it have a simpler interface, but the selection is curated for children and families, with sections ranging from arts and crafts to music videos, educational videos like Reading Rainbow and Peppa Pig, to Minecraft play throughs.

I’ve already installed it on my daughters Nabi tablet and she’s used it to watch music videos and some My Little Pony. So far I’m impressed with the selection and the options. There are parental controls that allow you to limit the time spent and the content available, so even with the curated selection, you can lock the app down even further.

Here’s the Google Play Link.



Official Google Blog: Our first building block in tech for tykes: YouTube Kids.

Feb 24

Ever wondered how much a cyber criminal is worth to the US government?

How much is a cyber criminal worth to the United States Government? I never really thought about it. However, now we know how much one is worth: $3 million.  This marks the highest amount the US has ever offered for information leading to the arrest or conviction of a cyber criminal.

Bogachev_wanted_060114_350Who’s the lucky cyber criminal? Russian national Evgeniy Bogachev is the administrator of computer attack network (botnet) GameOver Zeus that allegedly stole more than $100 million from online bank accounts, according to Reuters.

Also, he’s allegedly the hacker behind the infamous Cryptolocker malware, according to a filing by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Cryptolocker is a type of ransomware that takes hold of a user’s system, encrypts the information on that system and then demands payment to return access to those files to the user. GameOver Zeus was one of the main distribution “vehicles” for infecting suspect computers with this malware.

Last June, the FBI, with multinational partners, announced its attempt to disrupt the GameOver Zeus botnet. In July, it was confirmed the botnet was disrupted, but not taken down. Several computers were removed from the botnet, severely hindering its ability to perform illegal actions.


“GameOver Zeus is the most sophisticated botnet the FBI and our allies have ever attempted to disrupt,” said FBI Executive Assistant Director Robert Anderson. “The efforts announced today are a direct result of the effective relationships we have with our partners in the private sector, international law enforcement, and within the U.S. government.” FBI.Gov press release, 6/2/14

The case, filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, also identifies two known alias’ of Bogachev as “Slavik” and “Pollingsoon”. Other defendants named in the case are but aliases of various Internet denizens believed to live in Russia and/or the Ukraine whom help administrate the GameOver Zeus botnet.

Take a look at the FBI filing here.


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