Sep 11

What is Your Favorite?

We all have them. Those guilty pleasures. You watch them when you think no one is looking. You may even have a secret stash of them.

Geek Movies you pervert!

Hackers, War Games, Matrix or TV show like CSI: Cyber or The Big Bang Theory.

They are ridiculous portrayals of how computers work or what nerds and geeks actually act like but still, they hold a place in our collective hearts. So, what is your favorite guilty nerd pleasure?

Sep 03

Do you remember?

trs80Do you remember your first computer? Was it a TRS-80? An Apple ][e? Something Older? Something Newer? Tell me about it, In paragraph form if you will. I want to hear about your earliest computing experience. Did you take to it like a duck to water, or like a duck to crude oil?

For me it was in the SEEK gifted class at Bruce Elementary School. There was a whole room full of computers. An IBM, an Apple, and a couple of clones. It was heaven. I spent every chance i got playing with those things. Sure I was mostly involved in the games, but at the time, the games were my gateway drug. Twentysomeodd years later, I sit at a computer hundreds of times more powerful than those boxes, connected to a vast network spanning the globe. but sometimes I still get nostalgic for those old machines.

How about you? Do You Remember? Your First computer?

Sep 03

Zora’s Domain

 has created an updated, Unreal Engine 4 version of the classic Zelda Ocarina of Time game area, Zora’s Domain. The effects are beautiful and the overall aesthetic is something almost haunting.

via Vimeo

Aug 28

Peach VS Zelda

This isn’t one of those “Who Wins…You Decide” kind of things.

Peach VS Zelda

Aug 18

A Zelda Western

The Legend of Zelda, as a Western. I was not prepared for how cool this was. It’s not Oscar material or anything, but for lovers of B movies and Zelda Fans alike, it’s worth the watch. All the great tropes, Good guys, bad guys, revenge. Watch it after the jump:

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