Apr 20

Jurassic World Trailer

 Jurassic World Trailer

And the awesomeness just keeps rolling in. This Jurassic World Trailer is unbearably cool.Watch the video below:

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Apr 19

Fantastic Four Trailer 2

A new Fantastic Four Trailer. It’s been a Trailer heavy week for us in the Nerdy community. This one may not be quite as exciting but still, it shows off the powers of the Fantastic Four in more detail than we’ve seen before. Plus, we get more details on the how’s of their transformation. Not to mention a glimpse of DOOM!

Watch the Fantastic Four Trailer Here:

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Apr 18

Dawn of Justice Official Teaser

Ok, so we showed you the bootleg trailer earlier. The hype got stirred up and so DC/WB had to release the official version. Much better looking, and the sound is also greatly improved. Be sure to watch it in HD, 1080p if possible and turn the sound up, there is more to it than the most obvious bits.

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Apr 17

Origin Game Time & Free Games

Want to Play for Free? EA’s Origin Gaming System may have some worthy options for you!

originlogoOrigin Game Time

Origin is now offering  a feature on some of their top-tier games called Origin Game Time. What is it? It a free “Trial” of the full featured game that lets you get your hands on these games and take a good look at why you would want to buy them. And they are pretty sure that you will want to buy them.

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Apr 17

Descent: Underground


Descendent Studios, headed by Eric Peterson, who worked on the Star Citizen game, is in the process of bringing back the classic First Person Fly and Shooter, Descent. In Descent, you fly a craft that has a full range of motion, and in the maps conjured up by the creators, you need it. Doors above and below, tunnels on all sides,  you never know which way is which. This game thrilled and frustrated me in my much younger days.

Descent: Underground is billed a s a prequel to the original game, but with tons more features. Upgradable ships, tech tree based skills, resource gathering, these are just some of the new additions to Descent.

The creators are funding the game via Kickstarter, and have already met their $600,000 goal, but are looking to meet stretch goals to add bonus features and content to the game.

Here’s a trailer of the New Game in Action:

Descent: Underground isn’t the only game in town though. Descent: Rebirth is a free open source project that is taking the original source code and updating it for modern architecture. The graphics are old school but then that’s half the point, isn’t it?




Descent: Underground by Descendent Studios — Kickstarter.

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