May 27

Slow to Post Again

I haven’t posted anything new in a few days now, and I am very sorry. I promise I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline coming soon, and hope to get back into the swing of things in the next few days. It’s been a rough week in my house. We’ve developed a major leak in our roof, forcing us to sleep in the daughter’s room while we set her up a tent in the living room. Add in normal errands and having to run around getting people to give us estimates on the repair, and a general springtime BLAH feeling on my part, and it equals me being to lazy to post. But I’ll get back in the swing soon. Meanwhile, here’s something funny.

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May 24

Get Contraption Maker Free

This weekend (through the 25th) you can Get Contraption Maker Free directly from their website. Not a trial or a free short-term demo but free to keep forever. Contraption Maker is brought to you by the folks who made The Incredible Machine Games you played back in the early 90s. Yes I played it. Yes I’m Old.

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May 22

Its 2015 and HERE is Your Hoverboard

That’s right. Its 2015 and HERE is Your Hoverboard! Setting a New World ercord (though I’m not entirely sure there was an OLD World Record) for distance traveled on a Hoverboard, Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru flew for a total of 905 feet and 2 inches. The acutal feat happend back on August 25, 2014, but the folks at Guinness World Records just recently posted the video to their YouTube channel. Catch the video of this inspired action below:

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May 22

CHIP Free on IndieGala

Once again, get CHIP Free on IndieGala. IndieGala’s Store page is offering the puzzle game CHIP, an isometric building game for free(,main store page, 3/4 the way down), 100% off the normal price of $6.99 and even beating the current Steam sale price of $0.69. Hey, every penny counts.Here’s the steam widget for the game, but again, don’t forget to get it at the link above:

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May 21

A First Look at Orgrim




Here’s a first look at the WarCraft Movie’s lead Orc character, Orgrim. Not a bad piece of movie magic. Actor Robert Kazinsky is playing Orgrim, with the film slated to be released mid 2016.

Your First Look at Orgrim, Warcraft’s Hunky Star | WIRED

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