Feb 17

The Real World Is Really Just Another Video Game

Hidden Doors, Quest Givers, Secret Items. Yep, It’s all Just the Greatest MMO Ever.

Click HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE, or click the Image for the link.


This Cat Clearly Has A Quest For You.


Feb 15

3D Printing from Mattel

We’ve been waiting a while for the “killer app” in 3D printing. This may not be it, but it’s dang sure close. The Verge has an article, linked HERE about a new 3D printer from Mattel. “Click PRINT before bedtime and wake up with a brand new Toy!” Called the ThingMaker, it should hit shelves soon.


This is a “Reboot” of an older idea, also named ThingMaker, which used molds into which you poured your material. With this, you use an App, and create your objects from pre-designed files, or, presumably a market of them, and add them to the queue. $299.99 may seem a bit much, but the potential is there for sure.

Feb 15

Kaizo Trap

This is the single greatest piece of Video Game related media I have seen in I don’t know how long. Guy Collins Animation took 16 months to develop this, and it was worth every second.

Just Wow.

Feb 10

Star Kart

Star Wars & Mario Kart: With Our Powers Combined!


Feb 10

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos

This is beautiful. I can’t begin to describe how moving it is.



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