Dec 19

The 7th Day of Geekmas

schoolofIDlogoOn this 7th Day of Geekmas, I present you with what may be the biggest Savings of the batch, though I cannot swear to it being the best value. On sale on Amazon, from The School of Interactive Design is a One Year Access bundle to their Gaming App Design course-ware. At a list price of $1199, they are currently offering the course a the price of $99 for the year. During that year, you get access to their training material, course-ware, digital assets, and software in order to make game app making something you can do without having to learn programming top to bottom. If you have someone you Christmas list who is interested in learning interactive app development, and/or making games, this may be the gift for them. There are a limited (though the page doesn’t say exactly HOW limited) number of slots available for this course, and the sale prices is only good through Midnight Christmas Eve. As gifts go, it is one this is one that has great potential to keep on giving.


Dec 19

Free Steam Keys

playfirelogoThat is IF you Connect your Account to PlayFire. Playfire is a compainion gaming client that lets you track stats and earn rewards and incentives for playing games you already have and play. If you sign up now you get a key to one of 10 games picked randomly from the following:

  • Gun Monkeys
  • Canyon Capers
  • Sanctum
  • Postal
  • Numba Deluxe
  • Cobi Treasure Deluxe
  • Victim of Xen
  • PixelJunk Monsters
  • Speedball 2
  • Huntsman Treat

And you get entered into a drawing for one of 10 keys to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

I’ve not played most of these games, so I can’t give an honest review of them. Nor can I say anything positive or negative about Playfire, as the service is a new one on me. It comes recommended from PC Gamer Magazine, which is one of my go to sources for gaming news, and when I signed up I got my game right away.

It seems worth the effort to get a free game now, and the chance at such a cool free game by the middle of January, so I leave it up to you. I signed up, If I run into any issues I’ll report back.


Dec 18

The 6th Day of Geekmas

Exclusive Periodic Table of Elements Blanket

Periodic Table of Elements Blanket

Periodically, it gets cold around here. The solution is… Oh no.. I’m not going to do it. They guys at ThinkGeek do it for me so if you want that kind of humor they have it in spades.

Today’s Suggestion is their Exclusive Periodic Table of Elements Blanket, for $29.99 This blanket has the more common elements, up to 103 Lawrencium. It’s 100% Cotton and is 47″ X 63″, not to big but enough to keep you warm on the couch for movie night. It may also work as a wall hanging, to show off your smart side, but something more technical looking may be better serve you there, this has more of a casual feel to it. Still it’s causal smart. And I like Casual Smart.

As of this writing they are in-stock, so expedited shipping should get it in time for the holiday, but time is getting close so don’t drag your feet.

Dec 18

Jeff 1000 and Summer Glau

Summer Glau has starred in some of our favorite Sci-Fi shows and ranks as one of the epic ladies of Geek cred. Jeff used to put together cars in Detroit. Together, they are comedy gold. Watch the first 3 episodes in a row, then follow up with the Making of videos.


Dec 17

Do You Wish to Continue?

Welcome to Life! This short video give a creepy look into what it might be like to be uploaded into computer based storage and interface systems.

Do you wish to remember these copyrighted materials? The **AA’s control would be much tighter in this future.

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